Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leave all in God's Hands

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

"My daughter, if you leave your plans with Me I will look after your every need.  I have your best interests at heart, My daughter.  I know your every need and if you look to Me to supply your needs and not try to provide for your needs yourself,  you will be surprised at what comes your way, My child.

There is so much coming on the earth soon, My daughter, that it is imperative that you stay close to Me and listen for My leading in every situation.  I am leading you in a specific path that will allow your gifts to be used for My people and you will know more fulfilment in your life than you have known before.  Learn to let go of things that have been niggling you and leave them in My hands.  Let go of any frustration in your spirit.  I know you have forgiven those in your past who have hurt you, My daughter, but you must also allow My healing to come into your spirit and into your heart and emotions from events in your past.  I want you to be totally free of all encumbrances as you move forward in Me.

Don't worry about anything, My daughter, just leave all in My hands and know that I am looking after you and your family.  Keep close to Me.  I love you."


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