Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Heed My Warnings"

Reading back over my blog I am aware that the Lord continually implores me to stay close to Him.  This is the main task He is asking of me and has been asking for some time.  Today's is in a similar vein:

"My daughter, there are many who will not heed My warnings and they will be caught unprepared, but not so you, My daughter, for I am telling you ahead of time to prepare for My imminent return.  Keep your heart pure before Me, My daughter, and keep yourself close to Me - as close as you possibly can - so that I may impart to you My will for you personally and My direction and guidance in each situation in which you find yourself.

It is so important for you to stay close to Me as this is the only way I can protect you and guide you, My daughter.  If I give someone else direction and guidance through words of knowledge or dreams or visions, this may not apply personally to you.  This is why I ask you to stay close to Me so that I may impart to you My will for each situation you are in.  This is all I ask of you at this time, My daughter."


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