Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stay close to Jesus

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"You know what is coming on the earth is from Me and that I am in control.  My judgment is coming on those who have refused My salvation and have hardened their hearts to My Holy Spirit, but My children will be protected.  That is why it is so necessary for you to stay close to Me and listen for My voice and My guidance and leading in every decision you make and every step you take so that you will be kept under the shadow of My wing.

Daughter, I will let you know ahead of time when something is about to happen so that you can warn those who need warning.  Don't take this upon yourself for My timing is important.  Just keep listening to My voice as you are doing and I will not fail you or your family.

In the meantime, daughter, I want you to experience joy in your life because  you know Me and because I live in your heart.  Remember, I came to bring abundant life and My joy no-one can take from you."


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