Saturday, March 31, 2012

Step by Step Guidance

Friday, 30 March 2012

"You have done well, My daughter.  You are obeying Me in keeping your morning times with Me.  I will not fail you.  I will honour your times with Me and I will speak to your heart and give you all you need for the coming day.  Fear not, all is in My hands and all is proceeding as it should.  Listen to My words to you and I will guide you step by step.  Don't doubt that it is I who am speaking to you and guiding you.  I come to My children in different ways and this is the way I have chosen to speak to you, so trust in what you hear and know that I cannot fail you, ever. 

Your children are in My care.  Remember that I love them more than you do.  Keep upholding them to Me as also your husband for his healing.  Don't doubt that I hear your prayers and am answering them.  It may seem to be taking a long time, but remember, there is no time in heaven and in My timing these events have already happened.  Be patient for them to materialise in the physical world.

This is enough for this morning.  Go now and remember I am with you always."


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