Saturday, March 24, 2012

Belief is a Matter of the Heart

Friday, 23 March 2012

"Daughter, you wonder how people cannot believe in Me when you read of the miracles I performed.  It is because  their hearts are hardened and they won't allow My Holy Spirit to penetrate to bring the truth.  Your heart is not hardened and you can see all the Holy Spirit wants to show you in My word.  Keep your heart soft and teachable, My daughter.  This way you will experience more of My life in you.  Belief in Me is not an academic exercise, it is a heart exercise.  I am pleased with you, My daughter, for you are obeying Me and listening for My voice as I have asked you to.  Fear not, all is in My hands and I will not fail you. 

Your children are in My care, so there is no need to fear for them.  Keep upholding them to Me in prayer as you have been doing and I will lead them on the path I have chosen for each of them .... I cannot fail to answer your prayers, My daughter."


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