Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Different times are coming on the earth

Sunday, 11 March 2012

I was reading John 3:1-13 this morning about Nicodemus.  I realised that Nicodemus did not totally understand until after the resurrection what Jesus was saying to him earlier about being born again.  Then the Lord spoke to me:

"But I am telling you plainly now of things to come so that you will not be caught unawares.  You are My child and I love you dearly.  I want only the best for all My children and if you come to Me and seek Me in your heart I will always speak to you.

Times are coming on the earth, My daughter, far different from anything that has taken place in the earth before.  These will be frightening times for many but for My own children who have listened to My voice there will be no need to fear for you know in advance of what is to come and I am preparing your hearts for these events.  You in turn will comfort and guide others to Me so that I may comfort their hearts.  I will  not tell you yet what is to come, but know it is imperative that you stay close to Me at all times so that I may guide and protect you.  With Me as your guide and your protector, you need not fear anything.  Nothing can separate us, My child, nothing can come between us as My love binds us together. 

This is all I am speaking to you today.  Go in peace, I love you."


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