Sunday, December 18, 2011

Don't Fear Change

Saturday, 10 December 2011

"You know things will change suddenly but you must not fear.  Be afraid of nothing but not knowing and not obeying Me.  As you stay close to Me and obey my leadings I will restore you and led you out of situations and into My will.  You are not to doubt that I am speaking to you and that I have your best interest at heart, for I love you dearly, My child.  Nothing is certain in this world - only My love for you and your loved ones.  Heed not the voice of anyone other than My voice, for others would have you believe that what you are hearing is not from Me, but it is I who am speaking to you.  For many years now you have listened and heard My words to you and you have faithfully written down what I have been speaking to you and for this I am pleased.  Continue this practice as it will help to strengthen your faith in the days to come.

There is nothing for you to fear, My child, for I am with you every step that you take.  Your loved ones will be protected as you continue your prayers for them.

Fear not - all is well- and in spite of what is coming on the earth shortly you will rejoice for the plans I have for you and your husband. You are my servants and will serve me greatly in the days to come.

Go in peace and remember that I love you dearly."

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