Sunday, December 18, 2011

Don't be afraid

Monday, 29, August 2011

"My dear child, how I love you.  How I long for you to know more of Me.  I am watching over you and understand your deepest needs and your heart's desires.  I will not fail to bring more love into your life.  Good things abound for My children - those who don't fail to put their trust in Me and in My love and in My word.  My word is your guarantee of My presence in your life.  I have promised to protect and to guide you and I will not fail in My duty of care to you, so fear not.  All is well. 

Don't be afraid of what is coming on the earth shortly for I am in it.  I will protect you and your loved ones.  Keep close to Me and don't despair, for I will  be with you always.  There will be so many changes in a short space of time and you must be ready to adapt and you can only be ready by keeping close to Me and listening for My voice.

This is all I would say to you this morning.  I love you."

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