Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Encouragement

"There is nothing I cannot do for you, My child. Just ask and I will answer. Always believe that I will answer your prayer. As My child you always have My ear and I will not fail you. You are embarking on a new stage of your life soon. Don't fear this next stage for I am already there waiting for you and I have everything in place. Fear not - all is in order. Go now in peace. I love you."

"No matter what happens in your life you will never be alone." 

I'm really not sure what the above refers to but I suspect that it will be my retirement.  I am working three days a week for solicitors, which is working out well so far, but I do wonder how long I am to continue working.  I keep saying to myself that my husband and I could do with the extra money as he is on a disability pension and I am on part age pension.  Without my supplemental salary the pension alone would not be much to live on. However, that's my common sense speaking, not God, so I'm learning to listen to His voice rather than mine and to discover what He has for me in this next stage of my life, and when it is to begin.

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