Saturday, June 12, 2010

My First Blog

This is my first blog and I am rather new to this whole process! I thought I would start with a few thoughts that have been rolling around in my mind lately. I am at the stage of my life where it seems the past twenty years has gone by so quickly that I haven't had time to enjoy the ride! I had been working full time until a year ago, now working 3 days a week and thereby finding a few more hours in the week in which to think of other things. I hadn't realised how much of my life working had taken ... many, many hours. I'm sure there are a lot of people who can work full time and still have a very full life outside of work. I was not one of those, as I always seemed to be too tired after work to think of going out at night, perhaps to a class to learn a new hobby, or to a social event. Weekends were taken up with housework, children, church and social life. While my two sons were young I did attend an art class once and later a drawing class, which I enjoyed for a short time until the teacher left. I also enrolled in a bookbinding class which was interesting, but I eventually ran out of books to rebind and that was that!

I tried ice skating in my mid thirties which was fun at the time, but that only lasted about 18 months when I began a part time job, but not before I had a fall on the ice and fractured my wrist! I took it up again later in life but after another fall and a fractured elbow and torn tendon in my shoulder, I had to admit it was not the best pastime for a secretary who needs her hands to earn a living! So for the past 8 or 9 years I have not engaged in any activity as such, just work, family, friends and church life.

I presently live with my husband of 18 years (second time around for both of us) and we are now empty nesters looking at sharing the rest of our days together. Kevin and I are part of a close-knit church family who meet weekly in each other's homes on a Sunday morning and on Monday fortnights, after our church disintegrated over a year ago. We have read the book "So You Don't Want to go to Church Anymore" by Wayne Jacobsen and realised that was exactly where we were at. To date we have not been led to attend any other church and find that meeting with our 'church family', in our homes meets our need for fellowship. We don't have an agenda, we just allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit. We spend quite a bit of time just talking and sharing what God has been doing in our lives over the past week/fortnight. Just catching up - building bridges and growing closer. We pray for each other and sometimes listen to a worship CD .... however we feel led.

We see oursevles as family, not just friends ... we are God's family, living much as the believers did in the first century when there were no church buildings, only home churches.

I might end this blog here and add another so it's not too much to read in one sitting. In my next blog I will add a message I believe the Lord gave me recently to encourage me.

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